Kumkum Bhagya 10th Jan 2017 Full Episode

Tanu’s mother lies to Abhi that she has been recognized with pancreatic cancer, which is non-curable. She again emotionally blackmails him that she has not shared it with Tanu as she is worked up to marry her prince charming. She doesn’t wish to spoil her daughter’s happiness. She just wishes to see her daughter married to Abhi after kumkum bhagya 20th april 2017 which she will die with none worries. She says such emotional dialogues to Abhi that makes him sentimental. He will be unable to cancel the marriage with Tanu as he is an efficient natured man, now he is compelled to marry Tanu.

Dadi warns Purab against stepping out of the room he is in and disregards his each argument against it. Pragya comes in that room and Dadi asks her what occurred and what did Abhi say to which she stays silent. Dadi go on ranting about how she would scold Abhi for behaving rudely with Pragya as she assumes that Abhi had scolded Pragya. After this, Pragya is unable to control herself and begins laughing revealing the truth to all people. She says that Abhi confessed his feelings for her which makes everybody go into a zone of celebration.

Tanu’s mom comes and tells them that Abhi has proposed to Pragya and he was planning to interrupt the wedding. She additionally tells them that how she stopped Abhi and now the marriage will occur. Aalia and Tanu gets relieved, they compliment Tanu’s mother’s cleverness and the celebration continues.

Tanu is too excited about getting married to Abhi and shares that happiness with Alia . Abhi slips over his dumbbell and falls down. He imagines Pragya there serving to him in getting up. He falls on the mattress over her and talks to her. He says that he doesn’t have anybody worrying over him to which she disagrees and confesses her love for him.

She tells them about whatever occurred within the room. Purab is surprised how come it occurred unexpectedly. Dadi and Dassi are excited to kick Tanu and her mother out of the house. Dadi says let Aalia and Tanu make the arrangements of the wedding, they will make Pragya marry Abhi.

He cannot cancel the wedding at the last minute. Pragya is numb, she doesn’t say a single word and just leaves the place. She comes to Purab and Dadi and tells them about it. Purab wants to confront Abhi, however Pragya stops him. She says this is her destiny, she doesn’t need to stretch this anymore.

Pragya doesn’t prefer it, however she nonetheless very sincerely serves food to her. Tanu unnecessary throws tantrums to Pragya and treats her like a servant. Abhi enjoys Pragya’s presence, he requests her to serve meals and will get romantic. Pragya will get scared and spills daal on Abhi’s shirt. Tanu will get up and begins cleaning Abhi’s shirt.

Sarla says she doesn’t want to stretch this factor any extra, she and Pragya already faced lots of ignorance and struggle at Mehra’s house. Dadi says that there is nonetheless a chance to make Pragya win as Abhi continues to be not married to Tanu. Dadi goes to Pragya’s room and asks her to return alongside. Pragya refuses, Dadi says that Abhi and Pragya are made for each other, if they attempt to stay without one another then they both will endure.

She asks Pragya to go away Abhi and serve dessert to everybody. Purab tells Pragya that what is occurring is incorrect and they want to cease this marriage. In Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi calls dadi to make Pragya unlock the door. Dadi asks what happened between them but he doesn’t give any details. They try to make Pragya unlock the door but she refuses as she needs to be alone.

She tries to remind him how she was his first love. Abhi shouts at her and says he loves solely Pragya. Tanu gets angry and says she is aware of that he not getting the love of a wife however Abhi will get angry and asks her to not are available between him and his spouse. Tanu loses it when Munni barges in and abruptly begins blurting out in her anger that this is not Pragya. Munni is pleased that finally she might be a free chook but Aliya is obtainable in and slaps Tanu. She takes Tanu away as she asks Abhi to forgive her and Tanu.