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Andy Jeesu Kims Awards And Honours

We’ve had a great amount of on-line group members like this since we began. We can’t think about how much it will impact us. It’s going to be a long, exhausting and fast process. One of probably the most superb things about this yr is the expansion of our online neighborhood, particularly our on-line group […]Read More


Electric Potential Power

A 12-volt battery will enhance the potential energy of ____ coulombs of cost by 6 joules. A 1.5-volt battery will increase the potential vitality of ____ coulombs of charge by 0.seventy five joules. A ___-volt battery will increase the potential vitality of two coulombs of cost by 3 joules. A ___-volt battery will improve the […]Read More


Electric Expenses And Fields

A) The area lines usually are not regular to the floor of the conductor. Since the wool is positively charged and the polythene is negatively charged, so we will say that few amounts of electrons are transferred from wool to polythene. So, the above ratio is the ratio of the electric pressure to the gravitational […]Read More