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So this COHN strategy is what Keshe really means, when he talks about Carbon-Oxygen-Hydrogen-Nitrogen. Keshe loves to send coded messages, and they ALWAYS have a negative meaning. That’s how he tries to intimidate and impress folks. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help him in lowering his criminal baggage. I am not at all determined, since in distinction […]Read More

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Server Memory

As knowledge facilities and volumes of servers have grown, so has the overall quantity of electricity consumed. Electricity used by servers doubled between 2000 and 2005, from 12 billion to 23 billion kilowatt hours. This was due to the increase within the variety of servers put in in information facilities and to the required cooling […]Read More

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Intel® Rapid Storage Technology

Jon turned a storage fanatic the day he first booted an Intel X25-M G1 80GB SSD. Look for Jon to bring client SSD evaluations into the spotlight. As we defined and demonstrated all through everything of this evaluate, 4K random read at QD1-2 has the most important influence on system performance in an OS setting. […]Read More